Specialized Services

Required under California Law:

AB 1825: When was the last time your Managers & Supervisors received MANDATORY Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Applies to:

  • California Employers & State Agencies - with 50 or more employees or independent contractors in California and elsewhere
  • Supervisory Employees - including managers, supervisors, lead persons, fore persons, etc.
  • Two Hours Every Two Years - for existing supervisory employees
  • Two Hours Within Six Months - for newly hired or promoted supervisory employees
  • Interactive Training By Experienced Facilitator - with knowledge and expertise in prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation

Are you confident in your HR compliance?

The average cost to defend and pay out on an employment claim in California exceeds $300,000 and the average jury verdict in a sexual harassment case is more than $1 million. These staggering numbers do not even account for the internal costs to the company, such as poor morale, loss of productivity, higher turnover, and damage to your company’s reputation.